Summer Reading Champion Tropy


The Summer Reading Program for children is simple! Come by the Kent Public Library and sign-up today!

When a child signs-up to participate, they will receive a reading chart, which will stay at the library. Everyday, the child is asked to read for a minimum of 30 minutes. For each day that the required reading is accomplished, your child will receive a sticker that they can put onto their charts. For every 5 days (5 stickers), the child will be able to pick a prize and enter into the weekly raffle for a chance to win a bigger prize!

Does your child have books they have to read for school? This is a perfect way to get in that required summer reading, and win some cools prizes.

The 2017 Summer Reading Kick-Off begins Monday, June 26th and runs through August 11th, where participants can enjoy ice cream at the Summer Reading  Ice Cream Bash!

Don’t forget to visit our virtual bulletin board here to keep up on all the latest events taking place at the Kent Public Library! To view our 2017 Summer Reading brochure, listing all of our currently scheduled programs, click here.

We hope to see you at our library over the summer and beyond!