Public Computers

Computer RoomComputer Lab

Our public computer room contains 12 PCs. Patrons may log on using their library card and visitors may print a day pass from our Library Payment Center (LPC) located right outside of the computer room. Computer sessions are limited to an hour and a half, but users can request an extension of their time at the circulation desk. Public computers are equipped with Microsoft Office 2010, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other applications native to Windows 10.


We now have computers in the children’s section. The interface of these computers has been designed with your little one in mind, and has several fun and educational games downloaded onto the desktops. All you and your child have to do is sign in, click on the icon and have fun!


Computer printing is available from the public computer room. Black & white copies are 10¢ per page and color copies are 25¢ per page. All payment transactions for computer printing must be completed using the Library Payment Center (LPC). The LPC accepts coins and bills up to $5.

Please try to use exact change. For print jobs larger than 25 pages please see someone at the circulation desk.


The photocopier/printer is located outside the public computer room. Black & white copies are 10¢ per page and color copies are 30¢ per page. All payment transactions for photocopying must be done using the coin/bill slot. It is not yet possible to use a credit/debit card to pay for photocopies.


Scanning services are free. Bring in a USB/Flashdrive to save your scanned files or borrow our USB/Flashdrive and use it to e-mail the documents through our public computers.


The Fax 24 Public Fax is available in the adult section of the library, past our DVD collection. You may purchase a pre-paid fax card at the circulation desk or use a credit or debit card directly. Faxing costs $1.75 for the first page sent, and $1.00 per each additional page. To use the public fax, lift the handset and listen for instructions.


Wireless access is available throughout the library and even in the outdoor gazebo. The network is called “KENT LIBRARY.” Accessing our wireless is free and there is no password needed to connect. For details of our wireless policy, click here.